“Incredibly well-made” Big Game review

this trailer is good, I hope Samuel l , Jackson as the president. delivers
in this action movie.

Movie Metropolis


Director: Jalmari Helander  

Music: Juri & Miska Seppa

Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Onni Tommila, Jim Broadbent


If you asked me as a baby what film genre I would think would have more complex plots in the future, I would pee myself. That’s what you get for asking a baby questions about the evolution of cinema.

As a functioning adult who doesn’t pee himself quite as often, however, I am surprised at how ambitious action movies have become. As an example, Avengers: Age of Ultron is 150 minutes long after the studio cut out an hour. It can’t just be about a robot trying to take over the world, either; no, your brain needs to keep a mental chart of all the relationships, motivations and plans within plans. And Avengers 2 is relatively straight forward compared to some other recent fare (hi Christopher…

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